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Ivon Rodriguez, Esq.

Immigration Attorney

Ivon Rodriguez is an Immigration Attorney who joined the firm in 2023 upon admission to the Florida Bar. With a deep-seated passion for immigration law cultivated early in her career, Ivon's journey into legal practice began during an undergraduate internship with the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of the Principal Legal Advisor. Ivon has gathered significant experience through diverse roles in both public and private sectors. This includes serving as an intern with the government, working at private firms, and fulfilling the role of Legal Representative at the St. Thomas University College of Law, Immigration Clinic. Moreover, as a board member of the Immigration Law Students Association (ILSA).

Ivon was born and raised in Miami, Florida to Cuban and Puerto Rican parents, a backdrop that fuels her dedication to assisting immigrants in the United States. Her desire to aid those navigating the complexities of immigration law stems from her own cultural background and the challenges faced by her community.

Ivon's academic pursuits reflect her commitment to excellence. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Florida International University, where she majored in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Subsequently, she pursued her legal education at St. Thomas University College of Law.

Driven by her personal experiences and academic achievements, Ivon endeavors to make a meaningful impact in the lives of immigrants, guiding them through the legal processes necessary to establish their presence in the United States.


Ivon Rodriguez, Esq.
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