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Giovanni Garcia, Esq.

Personal Injury Attorney

Giovanni Garcia is more than just a lawyer; he is a people person. Informally known as Gio, Gio is a social butterfly who finds extraordinary joy in the simple things of life. From being outdoors playing sports to going to a movie theater for the week’s newest release, Gio is someone who resonates a lot with his internal youth.

Gio is also someone who believes in hard work while assisting others. As an attorney, Gio vows to ensure each and every client stays properly informed throughout representation while maintaining a professional, yet amicable relationship. As a people person, Gio goes to great lengths in keeping his channels of communication with clients as open as possible. It is Gio’s strong belief that any matter important to a client is also important to Gio.

As someone who has been involved in personal injuries himself, Gio’s got a great feel as to what clients endure in terms of both physical and emotional pain. Because of these experiences, Gio understands the nature of each client’s needs and how to best assist them on intimate matters such as injuries to the client’s own body.

Attorney Gio Garcia offers over 6 years of experience working in the personal injury field through means of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) cases as well as his fair share of Bodily Injury (BI) cases.

Gio graduated from St. Thomas University College of Law in 2023 while making Dean’s List, as well as receiving the CALI Award in Admiralty Law.

Born in Hialeah, Gio has a firm grasp on the realties of life and the struggles encountered daily by low and middle-class individuals. It is lifestyles like these that encouraged Gio to become an attorney in the first place, to help others in need.

Giovanni Garcia, Esq.
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