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Giancarlo Pino Lopez, Esq.

Client Relations Attorney Manager

Giancarlo Pino Lopez was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. He graduated from the University of Havana Law School in 2013. After graduating, he worked as a criminal lawyer for Havana's Office of Public Defendants. Mr. Pino was a public defendant for a year, representing defendants without economic support. That year, Mr. Pino tried six to seven criminal cases daily, representing people of all genders, political beliefs, and races at the Tribunal Provincial de La Habana. As an attorney in Cuba, he had to deal with a lot of pressure from the government to ensure a proper legal defense for each client. In a country where Human Rights and Due Process are not respected, he had to gather all the information necessary to represent clients in minimal time and give them the best possible legal representation under the circumstances.

Mr. Pino left Cuba in 2015 and came to the United States. After four years of working and trying to build a life in Miami, Florida, he decided to start his path to obtain a Florida Bar admission to practice the law. Therefore, Mr. Pino applied to the Foreign Attorneys Program at Nova Southeastern University, where he was admitted. Mr. Pino graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a lot of effort and dedication since he had his first son during that time while still working and attending school at night. The task became more difficult when the Covid 19 pandemic arrived, and he was found without a job. However, Mr. Pino's determination gave him the strength to overcome all the difficulties and finish his first year with good grades. At the same time, he could still dedicate time to his family. Before starting Law School, Mr. Pino was a delivery truck driver for almost four years. He also worked as a social worker for a short period.

Mr. Pino continued to attend law school while working as a paralegal and senior administrative assistant at Allstate's in-house legal firm until he had to leave the job to begin the Florida Bar preparation in December 2022.

Mr. Pino obtained a Juris Doctor Diploma (Cum Laude) and graduated in December 2022. Mr. Pino sat for the Florida Bar exam last February (for both Florida and MBE) as a first-time taker and passed.

Mr. Pino takes his jobs and studies profoundly and passionately. In addition, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends and loves sports.

Giancarlo Pino Lopez, Esq.
Alex Hanna Law
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