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David Paz, Esq.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. David Paz practices criminal law and handles a wide range of cases from Traffic Tickets, Criminal Traffic, and Criminal cases. Mr. Paz obtained his Bachelor's degree from the University of Miami and his Juris Doctor degree from St. Thomas University School of Law. 


Prior to joining Alex Hanna Law, Mr. Paz ran a boutique law firm for a quarter of a century. "Making the world a safer place for bad drivers" is a statement often used in jest by Mr. Paz after personally handling well over 1,000,000 traffic, criminal traffic, and criminal cases throughout his 25 years of experience. Clients love the personality and confidence that Mr. Paz exudes and feel safe having him as their handling attorney. 


In court, Mr. Paz is well-recognized by judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement due to the time he has spent in the trenches. He is known for his ethical handling of cases, demeanor, and willingness to assist anyone. Mr. Paz is also always ready with a witty remark to help break the ice and realizes that a great working relationship with the prosecutors can go a long way towards a favorable resolution for his clients. 


Mr. Paz believes that it is important not to let the other side know that they are in a fight until it is too late to fight back.


Mr. Paz is licensed to practice in the State of Florida and is fluent in English.

David Paz, Esq.
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