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Andrea Valiente, Esq.

Immigration Attorney

Ms. Valiente graduated from Florida International University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in History. After undergrad, Ms. Valiente began working for an immigration law firm as a legal assistant. After two years of dedicated work in the immigration law field, Ms. Valiente was convinced that her purpose in life was to be an advocate for those who could not or did not have the means to advocate on their own behalf. She realized that her passion was deeply rooted in the law and the well-being of others. With that in mind, Ms. Valiente enrolled in St. Thomas University College of Law, starting her journey of becoming an immigration lawyer.


During law school, Ms. Valiente developed a deep interest for consumer, family, and real estate law. She completed a legal internship with Coast-to-Coast Legal Aid of South Florida for the family law division during the Spring semester of her 3L year. However, she knew her journey started with her passion for immigration law. Thus, Ms. Valiente chose to continue growing this passion by becoming an Immigration Attorney for Alex Hanna Law.

Andrea Valiente, Esq.
Alex Hanna Law
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