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Will one of these things result in a pedestrian accident?

As a pedestrian, you spend a lot of time watching what other people are doing. From drivers to bicyclists, your eyes are always open as you attempt to avoid an accident.

While you’re doing your part to remain safe, you hope that others are taking the same level of care. Unfortunately, you can’t expect this to hold true. There will always be people who don’t pay attention to pedestrians and what they’re doing. This increases the risk of an accident.

Here are some of the many things that can result in a car-pedestrian accident:

  1. Distracted driving. Any distraction that takes a driver’s attention away from the road can result in an accident.

  2. Speeding. When a driver speeds, they’re more likely to cause an accident.

  3. Disobeying traffic signals and signs. These are in place for a reason, so ignoring them can lead to trouble on the road.

  4. Driving under the influence. Drinking alcohol before driving makes it more difficult to make sound decisions.

  5. Disregard for traffic conditions. For example, driving during rush hour is not the same as driving in the middle of the night.

  6. Disregard for weather conditions. When the weather changes so should the style of every driver.

If you are part of a car-pedestrian accident you should expect to be injured. With little to no protection, you’re at risk of serious injury or even death.

Upon receiving medical treatment, you should review the police report to better understand what happened. This will help you decide on the steps you can take to hold the negligent party responsible for their behavior.


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