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What happens during the removal petition process?

Immigration cases sometimes involve removal petitions. When this is the case, there are several considerations for the defendant. Many people don’t realize what type of process is present in these cases.

For the men and women who are facing deportation, the entire removal process can be challenging. Here are frequently asked questions about this process:

What is the Notice to Appear?

The Notice to Appear is the first document that a person will receive regarding the removal hearing. This has information about the upcoming court hearing. It is first served on the person and then filed with the court. The charge the person is facing, the consequences for not appearing at the hearing, and the person’s right to an attorney at his or her own expense are all covered in this document.

What court hearings will occur?

The exact hearings that a case will go through depend on the case. The Master Hearing is the one that all deportation petitions will go through. It is possible that a person will have more than one of this type of hearing.

Some other hearing types include bond determination, individual, withholding-only and rescission hearings. Each of these serves a specific purpose, so it is imperative that the person fully understands what is likely going to happen so he or she can prepare.

When you think about what is at stake in an immigration hearing, it is easy to understand why it is best to have someone on your side who is familiar with these hearings. This gives you a chance to ask questions and learn your options so you can make decisions accordingly.


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