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What are the injury dangers associated with small boats?

The summer is when both residents and tourists flock to any bodies of water looking to cool off from Florida’s smoldering heat. It’s not uncommon for people to gather together on boats for fun out on the water. Many of these individuals may not realize that the smaller the vessel, the more dangers they face of getting hurt or killed.

Small boats are dangerous. U.S. Army statistics show that 80% of all boater deaths happen in water vessels that measure 25 inches or less. Most of these fatalities are attributable to either falls overboard or to the boat capsizing.

The U.S. Coast Guard also lists boater inexperience or inattentiveness and intoxication as factors that contribute to boat passengers’ deaths. Speeding and any other type of reckless operation of a boat are reasons boaters either get hurt or die.

There are many dangers associated with small water vessels. Boats that are smaller tend to fill up faster than larger ones, especially if a massive wave overtakes it. The decks on smaller boats aren’t as watertight as the ones that bigger vessels have. If their control cables become waterlogged, they may cease to function, leaving a boater stranded.

Boats come equipped with occupancy plates that detail how many people can fit safely in the water vessel. If it’s over capacity or there’s an uneven distribution of weight, then it can easily cause a boat to capsize.

Poor weather conditions can quickly overwhelm a boat as well.

Many individuals take to the water here in Miami, assuming that their skipper hasn’t been drinking, that they’re well-experienced and that they’ll safely operate the water vessel. Boat operators aren’t always in the right and looking out for your best interests, though. A personal injury attorney can hold any negligent parties liable for their unprofessionalism if it resulted in you getting hurt or suffering a loss in a boat accident here in Miami.


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