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TPS offers immigration relief to those who qualify

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Many who come to the US, either unlawfully or through one of the programs offered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, may have serious concerns when circumstances prevent them from returning to their home countries. The thought of encountering immigration officials in Florida or elsewhere may be terrifying for some. Deportation may mean separation from family or other risks, especially if one’s home country is dealing with some kind of turmoil. Fortunately, some may find respite through the Temporary Protected Status program.

With TPS, qualified foreign nationals from certain countries may obtain approval to remain in the US without fear of removal for a designated period of time. They may find work and obtain authorization to travel. However, only those from a limited number of countries qualify because of certain temporary situations, such as war, natural disasters, economic crises or other conditions. Additionally, a foreign national is likely ineligible for TPS for any of the following reasons:

  1. Existing bans on asylums

  2. Disqualification due to security risks

  3. Failure to re-register for TPS after expiration

  4. Convictions for felonies or multiple misdemeanors in the US

  5. Failure to comply with registration requirements for TPS, including physical presence in the US and meeting deadlines

TPS does not necessarily qualify one for status adjustment to lawful permanent resident or other status. Since each immigration protection carries its own set of factors for eligibility, it is not always true that TPS will qualify someone looking to obtain a green card, asylum or other benefit. Those in Florida under TPS protection or seeking adjustment to a more stable status would do well to seek solid legal advice as early as possible.


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