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Top tips to avoid a traffic ticket

As a driver, you’re aware that there are rules you need to follow at all times. You’re also aware that everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Unfortunately, if you do so in the presence of a police officer, it could result in a traffic ticket.

Here are some top tips you can follow to avoid a traffic ticket:

  1. Don’t speed: This is an easy one for police, especially those who are actively taking measures to judge your speed. If you always drive at or below the speed limit, this is never a concern.

  2. Make full stops: It’s easy to roll through a stop sign, especially if you don’t see any traffic, however, you never know if an officer is watching. Make a full stop every time. Not only does it prevent a traffic ticket, but it keeps you safe.

  3. Stop for pedestrians in crosswalks and school buses: If you violate either one of these laws, you can expect to find yourself in serious trouble with the law. It can result in a large fine, as well as a license suspension. You’re also putting the safety of others at risk.

When you follow these basic tips, you better position yourself to avoid a traffic ticket. Should this happen anyway, collect as much information as you can from the officer and then carefully review the ticket.

From there, you must decide if you’ll pay the fine and move on or fight it in court. There are times when it makes sense to go to court, as it can help minimize the consequences, such as avoiding points on your driving record.


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