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These traffic ticket defense strategies rarely work

It’s never fun to receive a traffic ticket, as this will cost you both time and money. Furthermore, if you have a poor driving record, it can result in an increased insurance premium or cancellation of your coverage.

While there are many traffic ticket defense strategies you can use to your advantage, some are better than others. Here are several strategies that rarely yield the desired result:

  1. Claiming ignorance: It’s okay if you made an honest mistake, but saying that you didn’t understand what you were doing isn’t typically enough to beat your ticket.

  2. Telling a sob story: The judge has heard every excuse and story under the sun, so this defense strategy isn’t likely to work.

  3. Complaining that the officer targeted you: For example, you received a speeding ticket on the interstate and claim that everyone else was driving the same speed. It may be true, but stating that other people were guilty won’t get you anywhere.

  4. Arguing that the officer is lying: Even if it’s not fair, the judge will almost always believe the officer instead of you. If you’re going to use this argument, make sure you have evidence to back it up.

If you’re interested in fighting a traffic ticket, don’t stop short of learning about every possible defense strategy. With the right information by your side, you can decide on the best course of action.

When you combine the right defense strategy with knowledge of your legal rights, you’re in position to defend yourself with the idea of reducing your penalty or eliminating it altogether.


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