These are among the most common traffic moving violations

When you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, it’s time to get serious about your responsibility to follow the rules of the road. If you don’t, you could find yourself pulled to the side of the road and discussing a variety of details with a police officer.

A traffic moving violation can result in serious penalties, such as a fine and license suspension. For this reason, you want to avoid trouble at all costs.

Here are five of the most common traffic moving violations:

  1. Speeding: It’s your responsibility to know the speed limit and to ensure that you never drive in excess of it. This holds true on all types of roadways.

  2. Running a red light or stop sign: This can be blatant or subtle, but either way, it can result in a traffic ticket. For example, rolling through a stop sign is just as dangerous as moving through it without touching the brakes.

  3. Illegal lane change: This typically occurs on the highway if you fail to use a turn signal when changing lanes. Also, you must always leave enough space between your vehicle and those in the other lane.

  4. Following too closely: Also known as tailgating, this is a common behavior that can result in a ticket. It also greatly increases the risk of a rear-end accident.

  5. Driving the wrong way on a one-way road: It doesn’t matter if you do this on purpose or by mistake. Making this decision could result in a head-on collision.

Just because you receive a ticket for a moving violation doesn’t mean you should necessarily pay it. You can fight the ticket with the idea of avoiding some or all of the consequences.

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