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Should you protect yourself with a prenuptial agreement?

Once your wedding day is set, it’s hard not to turn your attention to the future. As you do so, you may have some concerns about what would happen in the event of a divorce. It doesn’t mean you’re hoping for the worst, but instead wondering what you can do to prepare.

This is why so many couples decide in favor of a prenuptial agreement. With this, you’re both able to protect yourself in the event that your marriage doesn’t work out.

A common example of why you need a prenuptial agreement is if your spouse is bringing a lot of debt into the marriage. Without a prenup, you may be responsible for half of this debt should you decide to divorce before it’s paid off. That’s not a risk many people are willing to take.

If you’re interested in creating a prenuptial agreement before your wedding day, you need to discuss your concerns and the process with your partner. Do the following:

  1. Share information on the pros and cons of creating a prenuptial agreement

  2. Be honest with your partner about why you think it’s a good idea

  3. Talk about what you should and shouldn’t include

If you take these steps, you’ll have a clear idea of whether you should create a prenuptial agreement. Should you decide in favor of it, clearly outline what to include and then learn more about the legal process.

The key to success with a prenup is ensuring that both individuals are on the right page, and then taking steps to create a legally binding agreement.


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