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Remind your college-bound kids about drinking dangers

Your little boy is all grown up. He has graduated high school. He has been accepted into college and is ready for his new experience. You are both sad and excited for his new adventure. You are proud of his accomplishments and the goals he is pursuing. You want him to really enjoy his college experience.

You know that college is a time where many people explore. There are clubs, activities and an abundance of extra-curricular classes that offer a glimpse into new and exciting hobbies. You also know that college is a time where many students party. You trust your son to be smart and make wise choices. As a parent, you also can’t help but worry a little.

Before your son heads off in pursuit of education and adventure, you can remind him to be cautious when around alcohol.

Talk to him about alcohol poisoning.

Remind your son that alcohol poisoning is a very real threat. Alcohol impairs judgment, so consumers may think they are in control when they aren’t. A college student may think that they aren’t over-doing it when they drink. If they quickly drink a lot of alcohol-which could be tempting in a party atmosphere-they run the risk of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning can be deadly. It affects breathing, heart-rate and body temperature.

Tell your son to be aware of these symptoms:

  1. The person can’t be woken up

  2. The person seems unusually cold

  3. The person is disoriented and confused

  4. The person’s skin color becomes pale or unnatural

  5. The person starts breathing strangely

  6. The person convulses and/or vomits

Talk to him about the hazards of driving or riding in car after drinking.

After a few drinks, a person may think that they still have the ability to drive. Some people believe that they can handle their drinks. Regardless of how coherent someone seems, your son should use caution when considering driving or riding in the car with a driver who has been drinking. Florida has strict penalties for those caught driving under the influence.

Advise your son to practice safe methods of commuting.

  1. Encourage him to program cab company phone numbers into his phone.

  2. Talk to your son about driver-request phone applications to put on his phone.

  3. Have your son look at all public transportation options and know how to use them.

  4. Talk to him about the use of a designated driver.

  5. Talk to your son about safety practices to use if walking at night or after drinks.


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