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Reckless driving could put your Florida driver’s license at risk

Reckless driving is defined quite clearly in Florida Statute 316.192. It defines the concept as any instance in which an individual voluntarily operates their vehicles with complete disregard for the safety of both other people and property in their path.

The words careless and reckless are often used interchangeably by individuals to describe someone’s driving style. A motorist may speed, follow others too closely or weave in-and-out of traffic. Drivers shorten their reaction times when they do this. This driving leaves motorists vulnerable to getting involved in a crash.

Motorists who get stopped on suspicion of reckless driving here in Florida may face misdemeanor charges. Someone convicted of such a criminal offense may end up being sentenced to 90 days in jail or have to pay a $500 fine or a combination of the two if they’re first time offenders.

Anyone convicted of a second reckless driving offense may have to pay double the fines or spend twice the jail time that a typical first-time offender would be locked up.

Reckless drivers who seriously injure someone else or damage property may face third-degree charges. A judge may sentence a defendant to as long as five years in prison and have them pay $5,000 in fines post-conviction.

One of the documents that Florida motorists sign when they apply for their driver’s license is a form acknowledging that they understand and agree to abide by the road rules. Avoiding engaging in reckless driving is included in this document.

The more points that you have on your license, the higher your insurance rates are sure to climb. You may not only be facing jail time and fines for your traffic offense but are on a path to losing your driver’s license. You may want to consult with a traffic violations attorney in Miami who will fight to defend your driving privileges to achieve the best result in your Florida case.


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