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Miami Police’s Operation Summer Slam nets 6 drug arrests

Miami-Dade Police Department’s Operation Summer Slam, which they rolled out on Wednesday, May 16, resulted in the arrests of six drug dealers and warrants being put out for six others.

The department’s officers rolled out the large scale drug bust midmonth right before school let out for the year. Their hopes were that by doing so, it would keep kids from being tempted with buying or peddling the drugs while they are out on summer break.

Officers also hoped that the operation would net known drug dealers who sell heroin cut with the potent and potentially fatal fetanyl. A police spokesperson notes that heroin alone has claimed the lives of hundreds of area residents in the last few years and that they want nothing more than to stop the growing epidemic.

As of late, he says, officers have shown up when 911 calls have come and have spoke to victims. He notes that they’ve been getting a lot of information about potential sellers of these drugs from them. The police spokesperson notes that they need additional help from the public, though, especially to stop heroin from making it into the hands of kids this summer.

He also notes that he and his colleagues also understand that those who end up trying heroin and getting addicted to it are the innocent ones in all of this. He says that they don’t necessarily see them as criminals who need to be locked up in jail, but instead who need help. He contends that his department is looking to strengthen the availability of rehabilitative resources available to those with opioid addictions.

Plans are already underway to ensure that next year’s Operation Summer Slam nets even more drug dealers throughout Miami.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with possession of heroin, then a Miami attorney can advise you of the potential penalties you’re looking at in your case.

Source: CBS Miami, “6 arrests, 6 sought in drug bust Operation Summer Slam,” Peter D’Oench, May 16, 2018


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