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Making a car insurance claim? Be sure to do these things

It goes without saying that you never want to be in position to make a car insurance claim. However, this could happen at some point, such as if you’re part of a motor vehicle accident.

There are several steps you can take to reduce your stress level during this difficult time:

  1. Call your agent as soon as you’re able to do so

  2. Review your policy to ensure that you understand what’s expected of your car insurance company

  3. Take notes regarding the accident itself and any conversations you have with your insurance company

  4. Take pictures of the accident scene and your injuries

  5. Be honest about the accident, but don’t feel compelled to share too much information before you know all the details

  6. Ask any questions that may be on your mind, such as those pertaining to your coverage and the next steps in the process

  7. Keep receipts associated with losses, such as those for lodging, meals and medical bills

Along with the above, you should never assume that your insurance company will do what’s best for you. You may have a good relationship with your agent, but it’s their job to do what’s best for their company.

It’s difficult enough to be part of a car accident. If you then find yourself in a “back and forth” with your insurance company, it can add stress to your situation.

First focus on your health and well-being, and then turn your attention to the accident. This will put you in a better position when speaking to your insurance agent and taking steps to protect your legal rights.


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