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How to avoid distracted driving

Florida already has harsh laws on the books for anyone who looks at a smartphone while behind the wheel. However, lawmakers currently want even stricter laws to reduce the number of people who operate a vehicle while distracted.

You should never look at your phone while driving. Doing so can greatly increase your odds of being in a car accident. If necessary, you should install an app on your phone that prevents you from using it while going above a certain speed. What many drivers fail to realize is that there are numerous other ways you can get in a car accident due to a distraction. Here are some steps you can take to be a safer driver.

Do not multi-task while driving

A lot of people assume they have no problem multi-tasking. While that may be true while you are at your desk, it is false when you drive. 100 percent of your attention needs to be on the road. Both hands need to be on the wheel. That means you should never eat, apply makeup or adjust the music when driving. This may mean giving yourself more time in the morning before leaving for work, so you can have breakfast and get ready well in advance.

Secure children and pets

Not only should you make sure your children are in the proper seat, but you should also make sure your child will not cause a fuss. Make sure your son or daughter has some juice and entertainment. If your child acts up, then you need to pull off to the side of the road to deal with it. This rule also applies to any animals. You need to keep your pets in crates, so they do not move around the car and distract you while driving.

Store all loose gear

Finally, you should never drive with objects rolling around the floor. You could become distracted and try to pick them up. Additionally, something could roll underneath the brake pedal, compromising your safety.


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