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How to avoid an accident on your bicycle

In Miami, you don’t have to look very far to find a bicyclist. People all over the city enjoy this mode of transportation, as it saves them time and money while allowing them to avoid traffic.

It doesn’t matter if you ride your bicycle every now and again or every day of the week, your safety is more important than anything else.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid an accident:

  1. Ride in a bicycle lane when possible: If there’s a dedicated bicycle lane available to you, stay here for as long as you can. It’s the safest place on the road, especially if you’re not sharing it with many other bicyclists.

  2. Know the rules of the road: For example, just because you’re on a bicycle doesn’t mean you can ride through red lights and stop signs. Just the same as motor vehicles, obey the rules of the road at all times.

  3. Make eye contact and use hand signals: Anything you can do to alert drivers of your intentions is something to consider. For instance, if you’re crossing the street on your bicycle, make eye contact with the drivers that are stopped as to guarantee that they see you.

Even if you’re in the habit of following these safety tips, you could still suffer a serious injury, such as a concussion or a broken neck, in a bicycle-car accident.

After you receive treatment and discuss your prognosis with your doctor, look into the steps you can take to protect your legal rights by seeking compensation from the driver who caused the crash.


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