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Getting the courage to leave a toxic marriage

When you have been married for many years to a toxic person, it can become very difficult to see their behaviors for what they are and to realize that you are better off without them. However, if you have been feeling unhappy for a long time in your marriage and you believe that your spouse is toxic, it is important that you take positive action and plan to file for divorce.

Taking such action can feel scary and unfeasible. You may depend on your spouse financially, and you may be unsure of how you will be able to support yourself. The following are some steps that you should take when you are in the early stages of planning for divorce.

Talk to someone you trust

A problem shared is a problem halved. If you find yourself ruminating about your marital problems, it’s best to share them with a person you trust so that you can get support as well as a fresh perspective.

Seek professional help

Going to therapy could help you find solutions to the situation you are in. It will probably also confirm to you that your relationship is toxic, which will make you feel empowered to take further action.

Set goals for financial independence

Financial independence can help you drastically change your life. Maybe you want to focus on saving money to afford your own place, or you may want to start looking for a job so that you can support yourself in the future.

It is important that you do not stay in a relationship that you are unhappy in. Take action to start planning your divorce and start looking forward to a happier life.


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