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Get a child support modification to improve your financial health

If the court requires you to pay child support, you understand that making timely payments in full is your responsibility. In the future, you may come to find that you’re unable to make your payments.

It’s not an option to simply stop paying child support. If you do this, your obligation will pile up and your stress level will reach new heights.

If you can’t afford to make your court-ordered child support payments, you can request a modification. Here’s how you should go about doing so:

  1. Take action today: Waiting only makes things worse, as you’re missing additional payments and other areas of your finances are suffering.

  2. Talk to the other parent: You don’t have to go into too many details about your personal situation. Instead, let them know you’re unable to make your child support payments in full. If necessary, you can explain what you’re up against.

  3. Don’t give up altogether: Even if you can’t pay in full, pay as much child support as possible. This shows that you’re trying. It also helps prevent back payments from adding up.

  4. Document your change in financial circumstances: This is often the most important step, as it’s your proof that you can no longer afford your payments. Common examples include proof that you lost your job or proof that you’re too sick or injured to work.

If you do these things and realize you have good reason to request a child support modification, you can do so by filing the necessary paperwork with the court that ordered you to pay in the first place.


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