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Follow these co-parenting tips from the start

Although co-parenting is sure to bring challenges to your life, there are tips you can follow to ease the tension and put your children in a stable environment that nurtures their growth.

While there’s no way to completely avoid co-parenting disagreements, these tips can help you maintain a cordial relationship for the betterment of your children:

  1. Don’t just think about yourself: It’s easy to do what’s best for yourself, but you should also think about the well-being of your children and ex-spouse. This can help reduce stress, which makes life easier on everyone.

  2. Remain flexible with schedules: You create a parenting agreement and visitation schedule with the hopes that it will avoid unnecessary arguments in the future. Even so, there are times when you can’t stick to the agreed upon schedule. It’s okay to alter your schedule, as long as it doesn’t turn into a habit.

  3. Focus on communication with your ex: This doesn’t mean you have to talk about your personal life, such as your new relationship or how you’re making out financially. Instead, keeping an open line of communication will allow you to discuss things such as schedules, bedtime routines and other key details.

  4. Don’t put your children in the middle of your relationship problems: Speaking poorly about your ex in front of your children is a bad idea. Not only does it harm their relationship with their other parent, but it can also make you look bad.

By following these co-parenting tips from day one, you lessen the likelihood of a serious disagreement with your ex.

If you’ve tried everything to follow your parenting agreement but your ex continues to fight tooth and nail to do their own thing, learn more about your legal rights.


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