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Dock safety and slip and fall accidents

Florida is surrounded on three sides by water. Boating is not only a recreational activity enjoyed by visitors and residents alike, but it is also integral to the state’s industry. Shipping in and out of Florida is a booming business. Boats, docks and marinas are some of the most common places people can sustain serious injury if they slip and fall.

Recently, a country superstar lost his son-in-law to a traumatic brain injury sustained when he slipped and fell at a marina. He was helping someone into a boat when he suffered the fall. There are several things you can do to keep yourself safe on a dock, whether you’re enjoying a day out with friends or making your living there.

Follow pedestrian walkways

Property owners must maintain pedestrian walkways on docks and make them clearly visible. They should be well-lit and free of tripping hazards such as mooring rope and fishing equipment.

Beware of spills

Being on a dock means it is common that water and other liquids may splash or spill on walkways. Oil is a significant contributor to slips on docks. The adage of water and oil not mixing is indeed true on the dock. It can make for a very dangerous situation.

Keep an eye out for rescue equipment

Not everyone on the dock may be able to swim. Therefore, it is critical that there are proper lifesaving devices posted in highly visible areas and ready to deploy in case of an unfortunate fall into the water. These devices are easy to use. Make sure the equipment does not hinder paths as the same things meant to help can cause a tragic accident.

Slip and fall injuries are the most common type of accident suffered on docks. With the plethora of docks and marinas in and around the Miami area, knowing what you should be aware of may save you from suffering a serious injury or worse.


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