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Could one of these conditions cause a slip-and-fall accident?

It’s not common to think about being part of a slip-and-fall accident. Instead, you assume that everywhere you walk will be relatively safe. Unfortunately, when you least expect it, you could be part of an accident that changes your life forever.

Slip-and-fall accidents can occur in many places, including but not limited to shopping malls, grocery stores and amusement parks.

Here are some of the most common conditions resulting in a slip-and-fall accident:

  1. Debris: Any debris on the ground, either indoor or out, is a trip hazard that can cause you to trip or slip.

  2. Wet or slick floors: There are many reasons for this, including inclement weather or the use of too much polish or wax.

  3. Failure to use barriers: When a section of floor is too dangerous for pedestrians, it should be closed off. If it’s not, there’s a greater chance of an accident.

  4. Torn or bulging carpet: A bulge, for instance, can stick up just enough to cause someone to fall.

  5. Missing or loose handrail: If you’re using a handrail when going up or down stairs, you expect it to be solid.

  6. Missing or broken step: Any step that’s not what you expect is one that increases the likelihood of a fall.

If you’re part of a slip-and-fall accident, you should stay where you are, call 911 for help and receive immediate medical attention. Also, take notes of what happened and collect evidence. Doing so will help you in the future should you decide to take action to protect your legal rights.


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