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Be sure to follow these pedestrian safety tips

You’re a pedestrian at many times of the day. This holds true when you’re jogging for exercise, walking from the parking lot into your place of employment and strolling down the sidewalk on your way to lunch.

Even if you’ve never run into trouble in the past, you could be part of a pedestrian-car accident at any time. Here are some tips you can follow to prevent trouble:

  1. Avoid distractions: Don’t get into the habit of texting or talking on the phone as a pedestrian. Furthermore, never wear headphones, as you need to be able to hear what’s going on around you.

  2. Follow the rules of the road: This means crossing the street in crosswalks, never darting into traffic and making eye contact with drivers when necessary.

  3. Use sidewalks when possible: A sidewalk is the safest place to walk, so use these when available. If you don’t have access to a sidewalk, move as far away from the road as possible and always walk in the direction facing traffic.

  4. Don’t consume alcohol: Just as drinking and driving is a big no-no, the same holds true when you’re a pedestrian. This impairs your ability to make sound decisions, which increases the risk of an accident.

If you’ve never followed these tips in the past, you may find it a challenge to change your ways. However, once you do so, you’ll realize that you feel much better about your safety.

If for any reason you’re part of a pedestrian-car accident, call for immediate help and receive medical treatment as quickly as possible. As you recover, learn more about the crash, including the cause and what you can do to protect your legal rights.


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