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A DUI conviction may affect more than just your license

When you have a few drinks while out on the town, you may feel totally unimpaired. When you get behind the wheel of your car, you may not realize how much those drinks have really diminished your capacity.

A police officer who pulls you over may recognize your impairment level and, after a battery of tests ending in a breathalyzer, you may find yourself behind bars and facing a DUI conviction. Before making the choice to forgo the cab after a few drinks, you should know how much of your life may change due to one choice.

Current and future jobs

Dealing with a DUI charge is time-consuming. You have court appearances, meetings with lawyers and diversion programs. You may find yourself out of work quite frequently trying to take care of things.

As for future employment, if you apply for a job and do not disclose your DUI conviction, you could wind up disqualified for lying. If you do disclose it, the employer may not feel comfortable hiring you for one reason or another.

Car insurance

A DUI costs an exorbitant amount of money. When it is all said and done, the fines, court costs, remediation classes and other fees add up. Car insurance premiums will climb fairly high as well, especially the first three years after your conviction. Because you fall under the “high risk” driver category, the cost of your insurance may double or triple.

Background checks

A DUI conviction will show up on any background check conducted. This may ultimately decide if you get that new job you applied for, the apartment you love or a loan for the car you want to purchase.

Keep in mind that these repercussions may happen, but every situation is different. You may have a DUI conviction and never have a problem getting a job, or you may never have to explain a DUI on a background check. Having a good defense strategy may also be instrumental in helping you avoid many of the negative consequences.


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