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4 steps to take after a slip-and-fall accident

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen almost anywhere, and they do, from your home to your workplace, or even in the hospital.

Some of the most common places for a fall accident include the following:

  1. Retail stores

  2. Grocery stores

  3. Shopping malls

  4. Gyms

  5. Amusement parks

  6. Churches

  7. Restaurants

  8. Hotels

  9. Parking lots

  10. Sidewalks

  11. Bars

All of these areas must be properly maintained for safety. All property owners have a responsibility called premises liability. If you sustain an injury because of a fall, you may not know what to do. Here are the actions you should take after suffering a fall.

1. Get medical help

Your health is the most important thing after an injury. You may need to call an ambulance, go to the emergency room, see a physician at urgent care or set up an appointment with your doctor. Receiving a medical examination and treatment is crucial to your well-being and it creates medical records that will come in handy if you seek compensation for your accident.

2. Report the incident

No matter where the accident happens, report it to the proper authority. This may be a landlord, owner, manager or government entity. When making your report, make sure it is in writing and that you get a copy. An oral report may not give you enough evidence if you decide to build a legal case.

3. Document the details

Collect the following information before taking legal action:

  1. The contact information of witnesses

  2. Photographs of the accident location and any hazards, such as icy patches, broken stairs or uneven pavement

  3. A journal describing the date, time, place and causes of the fall

This is a great way to build evidence and get compensation for your slip-and-fall accident.

4. Pursue a legal claim

If you believe the property owner is responsible for causing your accident, you should consider legal action. The aftermath of a slip and fall can be expensive and traumatizing. Filing a lawsuit may be the best way for you to recover financially from your injuries.


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