Find Out If Your Florida Criminal Record Can Be Concealed Or Expunged.

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Have you had a brush with the law? You have probably run into problems as a result of your past indiscretion. This is because a criminal record is a public record and can be seen and used by virtually anyone. A criminal record — even an arrest that was later dismissed or an acquittal — can follow you forever. It can prevent you from obtaining a job, secure housing, getting a loan and even getting into college.

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We can help you conceal or expunge your criminal record.

What Does It Mean To Conceal Or Expunge A Criminal Record?

Criminal record concealing is essentially an act that prevents the public from seeing your criminal record. No member, not even a government agency, can view your record and use it against you, without a court order. A criminal record expungement essentially is different in that it gets destroyed.

However, record concealment and expungement are only allowed for specific instances and certain requirements must be met.

Find Out If You Are Eligible

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