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Defending All People Against DUI, Traffic Tickets, Criminal Cases and Car Accidents.

The Law Offices of Alex Hanna, P.A., is dedicated to defending Anyone Charged with Any State/Federal Charge throughout Florida.  Or representing those Injured in car accidents and slip-and-fall accidents due to unsafe premises. Let Alex Hanna and his Team of Attorneys Defend YOU and Protect Your Rights! Alex Hanna and his Team of Attorneys are committed to Combating Injustice, Respect for Human Dignity, and Promoting World Peace.

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Aggressive representation is available to YOU anytime! Alex Hanna has several convenient offices located throughout Florida, with telephones answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Since 2001, Alex Hanna and his Team of Attorneys have handled thousands of different types of cases. Alex Hanna and his Team of Attorneys know the law and use their experience to fight for their client's rights. Legal research, careful investigating and skillful negotiation are why people throughout Florida turn to Alex Hanna for legal assistance.

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